Lucy Reyna
Lucy has been an active PTA member for 3 years now. This is her 3rd year on the PTA Board and 2nd year serving as our Personable President!

A few Crazy/Fun Facts about Lucy. She is a proud NEISD graduate, graduating class of 2006 from LEE High School. She is a girl mom. Her daughter Bella is in 6th grade at Nimitz and Stevie is in 1st. She is also passionate about a few things all San Antonians can get behind, like the Awesome San Antonio SPURS, FIESTA, and Mexican Food!

In her words: "My favorite thing about out PTA is how diverse we are! We have working parents and stay at home parents. We are also diverse in culture. I think it's great to have such a melting pot here at Castle Hills. You have families from all areas of NEISD and it's beautiful! All of us working towards a common goal of making CHE an amazing school, not that it isn't already."- Lucy