Xoch Medina
Third Vice-President
Xochitl has been an outstanding PTA member for 3 years now. This is her 2nd year on the PTA Board and she is serving as our Victorious Volunteer VP!

A few Crazy/Fun Facts about Xoch. She loves party planning, cooking, baking, and being all around crafty. She loves to spend time with her family and friends and will do anything for them. She collects ceramic mask..."I have been collecting since I was 7 years years old. I have enough to cover an entire wall."

In her words: "I became a PTA member and volunteer at first to be able to be closer to her daughter and be “in
the know”. Once I met and became friends with the other members and volunteers, I liked what
the PTA stood for. I enjoys the camaraderie with the other parents that have the same interests. I
specifically enjoys being able to see the look on my daughter’s face every time she sees her mom
volunteering at an event… its priceless!"